Our newest product varSEAK is here!

Explore varSEAK, our new variant database with aggregated information from public DBs and the varSEAK network, customizable filtering strategies, convenient classification...

Some of the varSEAK highlights:

  • Fast and reliable tool to manage, filter, interpret and classify genetic variants, based on a lab internal installation (varSEAK local server) which is connected to a global database and communication instance (varSEAK global server)
  • Easy import of the internal SeqPilot mutation database into varSEAK local (optionally)
  • Order details including the distinct variants can be transferred automatically and/or manually from SeqPilot into varSEAK local
  • Detailed lab internal classification of variant in varSEAK local (including HPO-compliant phenotypes, mode of inheritance, documents, weblinks, PubMed-IDs, medical reports …)
  • Connected to varSEAK global with bundled information
  • Public databases (dbSNP, 1000 Genomes, COSMIC, ExAC, gnomAD, ClinVar, ClinVitae, ESP, p53, UK10K, Mutation-Taster, SIFT, etc.)
  • ACMG compliant classifications from other varSEAK local users
  • Highly flexible and adoptable functions to filter the detected variants (phenotype, chromosomes, gene panels, classifications, AF/MAF …) with current data from varSEAK global
  • Classification of variants with the functions mentioned above and further tools like Splice Site Prediction, guided ACMG classification …
  • Synchronization of filters and classifications between SeqPilot and varSEAK local
  • Generation of individual variant reports for each patient
  • Internal communication tool to contact other users or labs that identified the same variant or variants in close genomic proximity
  • Optional submission of locally classified variants to the varSEAK global database (only the following data is submitted: the identified variant, the ACMG classification class (between1-5) and the name of the lab)

For a sneak peek, feel free to try the public access to the varSEAK database at www.varSEAK.bio

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and to request a free trial license at support@varSEAK.bio.