Stop by at our booth number 638 and we can show you our newest feature TRIOANALYSIS integrated in the module SEQNEXT and our newest product SEQARRAY to analyse Microarray data.

Some of the highlights for the new feature TRIOANALYSIS:

  • Integrated in the module SEQNEXT

  • Comfortable workflow for comparison of NGS data (small panels up to WES)

  • Diverse possibilities for filtering by gene lists, functions and public SNP-databases (e.g. allele frequency, protein coding, classification...)

  • Filtering by mode of interitance: dominant (de novo), recessive and recessive-compound heterozygous

  • Clear display of all variants including additional information like coverages, HGVS, QC-values and public SNP-databases

  • Easy jumping to the Sequence view of single samples

For further information to the new product SEQARRAY, click here.